10 Jan 2018

What we waits for this 2018?


This question sounds as if ... we would like to know the billboard of the cinema or theater or events, that is, we would like to know what is going to happen .. but? To read the billboard of the cinema I will tell you that this "was scheduled 1 year in advance" that is 12 months in advance!
This is how our goals and desires should be. Schedule them
But what do we manage to program them if they do not happen often?
What could we do?
Etc etc ..
Well, START from today (although it's a little late) but it's never too late to try!
So make your list of wishes, dreams, goals, wishes and also add to your list if you are already prepared for a new baby, move house, change the car, etc.
But without forgetting the "spiritual goals" .. And what is this? (some will be asked) It is not to be Cure or cardinal not! .. The spiritual goals is the food that our soul needs is to say more meditation, calmness, patience, take a deep breath and feel happy with yourself, thank Almighty God for one more day of life, love nature and respect the animals in the world, try to be better, etc etc
So .. what do you expect to start your 2018!

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