5 May 2013

You be ready for ask?


It costs less than you think!
As if he learns to ask?
"If you do not know to ask, you must always choose the right moment not wrong"
Our failure to request comes from far away (since we smallish until at some point in our lives we enter this magical world where some times we do not ask for examle:
A salary increase, a step, days of holidays. . etc., why ask much effort a few times in your life .. it involves stopping, consider a strategy, waiting for the right time and put it
in the right way!
Ask also involves tavolta have something to offer in return, all this seems terrible waste of time, many times we say, "If I want to know where to find me" .. It is not as' the
art of asking coincides also the ability to represent and represent the views in which it moves the other, that to which we are going to ask.
Then you're ready to ask for?

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