5 May 2013

Is the woman different to man?

*The woman is different to man?*

I've learned in all this time that not only our body is our brain also different if bigger! bone smarter .. are often not understood by man and many others we do not understand
them, we are good receivers and analysts and everything we see around us, we have good memory and retailers .. before they tell us something? us know before!
Scientists continually present evidence suggesting that the brains of men and women possess different genetic programming and that there are differences between some
neural circuits and neurotransmitter concentration. One of the most marked differences between men and women it is communication. According to the British sociologist
Dianne Hales, while a woman uses 23,000 words a day, men utter only half. Women can express their feelings with words since what feels better transmitting verbal side of
the brain. It is more difficult to separate emotion from reason because of the way it is organized his
brain. We are different and behave differently. Yes, the woman's brain is different from the man, and there is still much to learn. But nevertheless, men and women can be
happier, live together and organize better, if we recognize and accept our differences.

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