5 May 2013

Dedicar tiempo para nosotras

Taking the time to us?

Give us a few moments in the day to ourselves and engreirnos not have a limit!
It is important that we relax the nerves do not let dominate our body.
- Massage your body, feet and hands with a moisturizer, do we relax and keep our skin soft.
-Taking care of our one is very important! It is not necessary to cure summer arrives and paint, is a not unpleasant show our manicured and painted.
-Using lime heels and calluses, so our feet are prepared to massage our man ... and that he liked it.
-To have our special place for us "makeovers and having our makeup and perfumes", it is necessary to make our own space in our bedroom or bathroom, you need to have that place with color, space that makes us feel good at the time of makeovers.
-Have some time to put our masks or pickles on top of our eyes, it is refreshing and helps the eyestrain. Put a relaxing music and enjoying the moment .. even if they are single second.
-Dedicate the day to our "network", keeping our virtual friendships or contacts with family and friends is fun, they're waiting to hear from us and it is important that you can talk and share much more than a phone call or phone .

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