5 May 2013

The woman in different bodies?

Women in different bodies?

We see every day at the pinup with thin as skeletons and say "this is the perfect body" (?)
I often think that the designers use these bodies to save fabrics and accessories .. but I read the biography of somes models and is a sacrificial life maintain weight and
body coordination, often sleep little and everything in them they cover the stains, sometimes take sleeping pills and often have free time to devote to his family. The life of a
model is sacrificial stay one day here and one flight to another city.
Yes, everything has its sacrifice in life and we? we should be happy with our bodies that God gave us (perhaps a bigger one breast, one with more hips, one with a sexy
mouth, one with large eyes, one with pretty hands or legs ... I mean we are all beautiful in the eyes of god and those who love us (which is why we chose!). Similarly in men
with mustaches are, bearded, with long hair, small hands, thick legs, chest hair ... but we
that we chose them! .. I mean? I think that God created us special to each of those we love or loved. Be happy with yourself and love your body.

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