13 Jul 2013

A romantic night


If you want to surprise your partner, why not decorate the room for a romantic evening? In this note we will give some tips so you know how to do it the better.

-Choose a set of clean sheets and scented, try to be gentle. The cushions can choose them in the form of heart. The colors that should predominate in the bed decoration
are red and white.

-Replaces strong light scented candles to make a room more romantic, with dim lighting.

-You can also put on colored fabrics and lamps create a sensual effect in the room.

-Place home fragrance sheets and curtains and aromatic oil gets to place a thin layer on the light bulbs.

-If you have a mirror, place one in front of the bed to help create a more intimate and increase the fantasies with your partner.

-If both of you like, you can place a few glasses with champagne or wine and some strawberries or cherries with chocolate to indulge a little.

-As a final touch, put rose petals on the bed, on the floor, on the sides of the bed or as a figure.

-Remember to use romantic songs to give you more sensuality to time.

If you want to surprise a little more, you can prepare a romantic dinner before going to the room.

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