13 Jul 2013

Avoid Mold

(moisture in the walls)

The main cause of the appearance in our ceilings and walls of the mold, a fungus able to grow both outdoors and indoors, comes from the condensation that occurs inside
homes. Moisture, dust and heat, combined with the lack of light, are ideal conditions for mold spreading in our homes, with aesthetic and health inconveniences that entails.
So to end this fungus, the first thing to do is to remove the causes that lead to its occurrence. If moisture is condensing, ie deposition ambient water vapor in droplet form, will place balls absorption of calcium chloride and, especially, periodically ventilaremos stay. In this sense, a sunny, dry room hardly welcome fungal colonies. To eradicate mold need the following tools: a sponge, paint cleaner mold and mildew. Cleaning the surface affected. Then proceed to clean the affected area with water and detergent. This will remove the bulk of the stain. It is essential to exterminate any trace of the fungus, to apply it with sponge anti-mold cleaning liquid and leave it on for at least three hours. No product whitening, ie not remove the stain, but the origin of this, which is mold. Is highly fungicidal and bactericidal, so disinfects and decontaminates the surface. For finishing apply two coats of anti-mold plastic paint, allowing at least four hours between the two applications. east coating prevents the formation of mold in environments that are conducive and reproduction by spores; also fully washable and splashes during application.

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