13 Jul 2013

Ballerinas shoes


The ballerinas (shoes) are comfortable and easy to match, though, this is bad for health. The type of shoes that we use every day influences the development of certain
diseases, such as osteoarthritis, which occurs when a joint is worn. The risk of it increases with harmful habits overweight, being sedentary and wear shoes without heels or
very high. Ideally, women choose heels between 3-5 inches and men 1 to 2 cm. This protects our back and prevent further damage, other shoes that can generate problem
are sneakers because these are designed for use in exercise or physical activity, and not for the entire day. When since we tend to use small tennis or use them in age
adult as part of our day, the risk of having problems in the Achilles tendon and damage various joints, which could lead to fractures and the person is more likely to develop
osteoarthritis problems. Therefore, run-heeled shoes or one that is not too high, be the best option.
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