13 Jul 2013

Care your legs


The legs are one of the largest homeless in the summer months. The heat takes its toll on our limbs, especially if you have problems circulation. Thus, people with varicose
see how the summer is not exactly the best time for your problem. Even so, yes you can take a series of measures to cope better with these high temperatures these days.
Takes note of the advice that doctors Lisbona and Xavier Puncernau Carlos Folch, specialists vascular surgery teknon Medical Center:
-Do not expose your legs for long periods in the sun or any other heat source.
-In times of more solar radiation, used clothing that can completely cover the legs (sarongs, skirts ...).
-Do not remain standing or sitting with legs long time low. It is important to change position frequently, getting up and taking short walks.
-Walk or get repeatedly tiptoes and, instead, supports the heel and forefoot raised.
-Make a couple of times a day for several minutes massage with aloe vera gel, if before you put it in the fridge to stay cool, much better. These massages must be light and
from the foot to the thigh.
-Rest elevating the legs. You can take advantage of when you're in bed for raised leg exercises, such as cycling ...
-Date cold showers in the area, alternating with jets of hot and cold water.
-Take advantage of beach days for walks with my legs in the water.

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