13 Jul 2013

Durations of sex


An investigation conducted by Pennsylvania State University, revealed how long should the sex to be entirely satisfactory. The result was amazing: A perfect sexual
encounter should take no more than seven minutes. The project manager explained that most people who were part of study agreed that a good sexual encounter must not
exceed 10 minutes. One or two minutes of privacy can be a period "too short ", from three to seven minutes is just" adequate ", from 10 to 30 minutes was listed as" too
long, when people think that sex has to take some time to be good, try to match it or overcome it. The problem is that this does not mean that they enjoy most. In fact, the
sex that lasts for at generally afflicts people, especially women.
"Now that you know this information, is that your sexual relationship lasts 7 minutes to be satisfactory"

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