14 Jul 2013

How to clean your wooden utensils


Wooden utensils are ideal for moving hot. When food gets stuck in these kitchen tools, washing is more difficult than seems.

Follow these tips to clean wooden utensils:
-The best way to clean them is to use hot water, soap and a kitchen brush.
-To restore the look of a wooden utensil, you can immerse the instruments in vinegar or cooking oil for half an hour. Then wash them as usual.
-If food stains do not come out, then use a pad of fine steel wool and mineral oil applied to food utensils. This coloration dissimulate parts.
-This Camouflage also conditions the wood and prevents drying and cracking. In fact, it is useful to fix all wooden utensils every few months. In addition, this creates a barrier
against new stains and odors.
-When your wooden utensils begin to look dull or dry, dull or color, it is time to re-oil the elements. Commonly, this should
done every two or three months to maintain good wood.

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