14 Jul 2013

How to washing your cutting table


The wooden cutting boards are the instruments have more germs kitchen. Many people believe that just by washing with soap and water and is clean, but in reality it is not.

How to properly clean wooden cutting board? Although it is difficult to wash,
you should consider these cleaning tips:

-Cover with table salt with salt and let it work for an hour. After that time, remove the salt and rub the wood with a cloth and oil.

-Clean hard using a brush and use a good detergent, then desinf├ęctala with lemon. And if you can pull it out in the open air to dry thoroughly.

-Leave your wooden cutting board in a bowl of hot water, and removes all bacteria.

-When the table on its surface scratches and cuts hard to clean, it must be replaced by a new one.

The cutting or chopping boards absorb always leftovers, which makes it more attractive for germs. When cutting another ingredient, and previously have washed well your
wood table, be sure that your food will be filled with germs.

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