13 Jul 2013

Sexual positions that man not agree


Although it seems impossible to believe, there are sexual positions that men hate, either discomfort or excessive force should implement. so if you are planning a romantic
evening, avoid any of these sexual positions.

-AndrĂ³maco-position: Man is on his back, she sits atop squatting or kneeling, with the bust up. She controls the depth and pace. difficulty is the angle of penetration, which
can even be painful if the penis bends, it is also difficult to reach orgasm because they have no control over your pleasure or to feel dominated.

-The union Bee: The woman sits on the penis of her partner, who is also sitting with legs stretched forward. Thus, women can come and go vertically, leaning on hands and
legs. The man accompanies the movement by lifting the ass or thighs. This position is very tired for man if not properly supported back.

-The perfect alignment: Woman stands above man, with legs apart to facilitate penetration. After entering the penis, she clasps legs so that both bodies overlap in perfect
alignment. The disadvantage of this approach is that it limits the depth of penetration and satisfaction of some moves.

-The position of the rider: The man lies on his back while the woman kneels over him. The woman controls the movements to increase the feelings the clitoris and vaginal
walls, or for him to reach orgasm faster. This position can be boring because, after several minutes of stimulation, he remains passive.
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