12 Jul 2013

Skin Hydration


Sometimes creams are not enough to hydrate your skin facial or body.
You need time to also moisturize from the inside as drinking more water, eat more fruits and vegetables. Apathetic you think that the moisturizer contains water or similar
substances that contact with the face just add them to the surface. The moisturizing substances are already present within our skin, creams only have the function to draw
the water from deeper tissues.
- We need to cleanse our skin in a gentle way (with a mild tonic non-alcoholic) this tonic helps to prepare the skin to receive and absorb the creams in an optimal manner.
-Then choose a treatment based on hyaluronic acid (this prevents water from evaporating) so 'stumula the production of collagen.
Our skin is not only made of water is also formed of cells and are in need of nutrients associated with oily material that are called ceramides. a cream is perfect because it
restores the hydro-lipid film (water + fat) that protects the skin from external aggressions. It also takes the vitamins A and E. Also useful creams based coenzyme Q10
If your skin is too sensitive and fragile, maybe your diet and low in fat and nutritious fundamentali as OMEGA 3 and 6, zinc, selenium, B VITAMINS,
- Diet based on fish, fresh fruit, cereal intengrali.
The lack of fat inevitably leads to desidratazione skin.
- Vitamin C and essential for the synthesis of elastic fibers, also an antioxidant.
- Of great help masks or restoring from COENZYME Q10 Hyaluronic Acid

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