14 Jul 2013

Stop your wood floor gnashing


Surely most of us have ever walked by a house with the feeling of crossing one of those scary and old cabins to which we have accustomed movies American horror film. It
is obvious to explain, but we will. The aged wood, dry or misplaced, creaks. In fact, crunches long, giving the sense that the next step was to split. The ultimate solution
(insert a completely new soil) can be a bit expensive, without but we can avoid major discomfort with hot paraffin filling the gaps appearing between the boards. Paraffin
injection. To carry out this task, inject paraffin, previously heated in a water bath by means of a syringe. We will be careful not to overfill the hollow groove between the tables
appearing creaking. Becomes whitish paraffin as it cools, hardens while therefore have to be attentive to the mouth of the syringe because of clogging with premature cooling
of paraffin. Applying polyurethane foam. Another solution for more severe cases of bad settlement of the platform is the polyurethane foam. In this case, locate the platform
most affected and perforate at that point with a drill diameter of the applicator. Taladraremos a table to half its width, not in the union. The hole must not be vertical, but
oblique, and sink the bit to pass the stage. Should read carefully the instructions for use of the foam for proper application. Then inject the nozzle through the drilled hole in
sufficient quantity to fill the gap between platform and ground. In very old homes, we advise caution with these foams, which tend to 'grow' significantly and may affect, to
expand, the ceiling of the floor below. Uniform surface. Disimularemos tubillón hole with wood glue, which cut off flush with the platform once inserted under pressure. Then
will sandpaper gently until smooth the surface, after which apply a varnish-color dye appropriate. The market offers an assorted range of tones. To tighten and brighten the
coating can also apply a polyurethane varnish.

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