6 Aug 2013

How to lock your fame?


Sometimes the feeling of having a desperate hunger is very strong, in fact the signal that the stomach sends to your brain to tell you that you are hungry can be fooled. In 
this guide I will explain some tricks to survive the all-natural hunger pangs. The hunger that often perceive depends on your eating habits, in fact, the body gets used to 
eating a constant times and knows that you will eat at noon, for example. This is normal, and wrong not to eat, because we would only harm to our body and contrary to 
popular belief, if you do not eat fatten! But if you feel hungry between meals, but do not want to compromise your line, you can act in different ways. The easiest way to turn 
off the hunger signal, is to drink one or two glasses of warm water, the stomach will signal to be full and will not send more signals of hunger. You can satisfy your hunger 
with a healthy snack, in particular, a beautiful apple that has a high satiating power thanks to liquids and fibers contained in the skins. What you have to do is try to sated in 
carbohydrates and sugars, because these substances are doing quickly from your body and if you do not use turn into fat, and increase the level of glucose in the blood, 
which you will soon lead to having hungry again. In addition, do not chew gum, because the production of saliva increases the expectation of the stomach and makes you 
even hungrier. Thus avoids also fruits and vegetables with high rate of sugars, such as carrot, and fruit juices that are full of sugars.

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