24 Sep 2013

Start the Fall

Month of September, start the Fall...

Begins to see the color in the leaves and smelling scented cold air leaves and berries, It says "bye summer" and begins to cover the body and neck with the colorful scarves and shawls, hand creams and body skin amorbidir chill of autumn. Hmmm starts to eat hot meals, hot chocolate and let the wonder of autumn delight our day,

Now I'm sitting on a park bench and came to watch the leaf fall is like a dance, each having different fall leaf shape and color and combined (as we humans so different from one another), the air makes dance each different leaf drop and position above the other sheet .. the sky lit with sun shy trim only (why not more as the summer heats), only shines and give harmony to the leaves and trees highlight your natural color, t's time for the good fruit and vegetables, nuts are in the trees, a scent of autumn.

People walk fast, people are agitated and nervous, people forget to take the time to "take a deep breath and enjoy the wonders of nature" .. people live in day to day stress that knows not relax in the most common to have around and to give comfort and harmony with only a moment to engage in "deep breath" and enjoy the magic and fantasy of nature ..

I'm still here smiling and enjoying the beginning of fall .. I close my eyes and let the cool air caress my cheeks and give small kisses in my eyes, take a deep breath and .. hmmmm I'm ready for Fall...


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