3 Nov 2013

Ovarian cancer


Variety cancer that originate in the ovary for cause are unknow. The symptoms and sing can be vague and may incluide abdominal swelling, pressure, pain, leg pain, 
unusual vaginal bleeding and feeling full quickly.

called "the mushroom of God" because as a powerful cancer fighting, it has the highest amount of beta glucans of any other mushroom in the world. the AMB mushroom 
also stimulates the immune system promotes natural mechanisms to battle infectious disease and cancers.

Is a potent angiogenesis inhibitor for all forms of cancer, incluiding ovarian cancer, since it efficiently improves the immune system.

Most women who get ovarian cancer are deficient in selenium and it a powerful cancer fighter that also protects the liver and is essential for proper iodine utilization.

The spice curcumin has been shown to be effective against a wide variety of cancers incluiding ovarian. Among its many anti-cancer beneficit it activates gene p53 and 
prevents inflammation. To fight cancer 3000 mg for day is recommended.

Causes ovarian cancer cells to self-destruct used in a combination with high dosages of vitamin C.
Leafy, dark green and deep yellow vegetables are the best sources of vitamin K.

Green pepper and onions are full of quercetin wich is a powerful anti-cancer agent that stops chemical signals that give ovarian cancer cells a growth advantage over healthy cells.


Pigments widely distribuited in plants and animals especially in orange, red, yellow and green plants and fruits. They are finally transformed into Vitamin A and represent a 
powerful alternative to present in chenotherapeutic.
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