24 Jun 2014

Food fattening fast


The School of Public Health Harvard exhaustively analyzed the dietary habits of 120,877 healthy men and women for 20 years, linking the intake of certain foods with weight 
gain during the study period. Similarly, revealed that not only eat bad fat long term, but also certain forms of life such as physical inactivity and poor sleep. Early in the 
process the participants were of normal weight, but at the end of this rose on average 1.59 kg  four-year period, therefore, at the end of the investigation, the total 
increase was 7.9 kg.
-French Fries: The texture generates easy absorption of saturated fat, acting like a sponge. Also, their chemical components reach the brain and alter the center of weight 
regulation, so there is no precise limit: you can eat 10 or 30 without any control. People in the study their weight by 0.76 kg in the span of four years. Other 
potatoes: This food, regardless of its preparation, is rich in carbohydrates, which are absorbed quickly by the body, generating high levels of insulin in the blood and not 
inducing satiety signals. The research participants increased their weight 0.58 kg for four years. Potato chips. The fried dehydrated and absorb fat, so concentrate more 
calories than other foods. In fact the be composed of refined carbohydrates, fats and additives we put are very addictive.

-Drinks with sugar: Daily consumption of this beverage generated increased 0.45 kg in four years. Refreshments. We all know that contain a lot of sugar. It many do not 
know is that they added caffeine which is a substance that excite us. And colas contain phosphorus. Which prevents the absorption of calcium in bones. Even cola "Light" 
contain phosphorus.

-Red-meat: Due to its high saturated fat content caused the analyzed  0.43 kg to your weight, also for four years. Red meat no Processed: As the sausages and 
sausage, for its high level of calories, saturated fat and sodium affected the increase of 0.42 kg in participants research in four years. Red meats. Consumption should be 
moderate and must be very careful with processed meats like salami and sausages because they have saturated fat, sodium and calories.

-Pasta. As if eaten with no problem. It's bad when you eat too much and if the sauce, spices, cheeses and accompanying contain calories and carbohydrates. That is the 
real problem.

-Pastry, bread, cookies, etc.. Made with refined flour and even more if they have refined sugar. If to this we add some kind of artificial jam is perfect for gain weight.

-Fast foods. As you will notice many fast food places include everything mentioned. Bread made with refined flour, chips, soda, and post cupcakes made with refined flour. It 
is not uncommon for countries like Russia where they entered such places have much obesity now when before they did not.

-The problem of salad dressings. Many people eat salads for slimming but the problem is when combined with heavy dressings and lots of it some avoid the person slim or 
triglycerides soar.

-Chocolate. It's the finest chocolates chocolates are bitter tasting this suggests that contain more cocoa. White chocolates are the most damaging they contain more sugar 
and chemicals. The more trade and economic chocolate is sure to have added sweeteners and more. Fried-Food. It is better to prefer steamed or grilled foods. Fried foods 
usually are prohibited on diets because they absorb much oil.

I weigh 52 or 53 kg, varies from season (winter or summer), but I make no special diet, drink plenty of plain water, fruit, little fry and let the meat or fish is cooked in its own 
natural fat, I like steamed vegetables, white rice (salt), egg, cornflakes with yogurt, drink hot tea with meals (to remove fat), I drink red wine (1 glass between meals), the olio 
olive I use very little, I prefer salads seasoned with lemon juice and salt and pepper, bread or cereal .. but on the weekends? I like candy, burgers, fries and ice cream 
because remember, everything in excess is bad! And our body needs certain natural fats for our bones. some have fast metabolism gain weight, consult your doctor and 
keep your balance without excess live life!
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