28 Apr 2015


Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United Kingdom

Gorjuss is:
A 30-ish, stripey sock wearing girl from Glasgow Sctland, She spends most of her time attached to her Wacom scribbling furtively to the sounds of melodies in her head... she runs Gorjuss Art ltd with her husband Grant and to the annoyance of her moody cat and 3 ( not quite as moody) children. She hopes one day her hair wll be long enough to give rapunzel a run for her money, and that she'd be able to keep a rain-drop as a pet ( and feed it rainbows). Seriously.

'I was born in 1977 and live and work in Glasgow, Scotland. I've worked as a full time artist for a few years now, and I've exhibited in many galleries, from Hong Kong to Hollywood.I was always a big fan of portraits and the scope of what can be captured in a moment, the stillness of the figure, the stare looking out at you, the placement of objects around the subject, everything is there for a reason, to accentuate the meaning behind the portrait.  I would always rather hang a portrait on my wall than a nice landscape. I am married, and have three children, and a charismatic cat.' Suzanne

was started in 1984 under the name Santoro Graphics in London, England.Initially, the pair unearthed forgotten iconic prints of Hollywood stars and used them to create postcards, greeting cards and gifts. In 1998 after a succession of internationally acclaimed collections the pair created a licensing division which allowed their collections to expand into evermore creative and innovative areas. Soon the decision was made to focus future collections on lifestyle and fashion. In 2010 after a string of award-winning private commissions Meera and Lucio changed the company name from Santoro Graphics to SANTORO which now operates under several separate labels in over 55 countries worldwide. 

- Now I know about this sweety doll who I like so much !!
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