26 Apr 2015

Spiritual Balance

All living things live within an electromagnetic field. This energy field, sometimes called the aura, is the blueprint or template for the physical body.

 Within this energy field are held all the emotions, thoughts and belief systems of the individual, in a vibrational form. Repressed emotions, negative thoughts and faulty belief systems can actually cause blockages and distortions in the energy field. Because the field is the blueprint, this will eventually affect the health of the physical body.

A spiritual healer is able to perceive energetic distortions and assist the individual to return to a balanced and coherent state. 

This is accomplished by a variety of techniques such as laying on of hands, harmonic resonance, and energetic dialogue to reveal insights to the relationship of body, mind, and spirit.

 As one might imagine, this technique would be useful not only as an adjunctive therapy when one’s health has been compromised but also as a valuable tool for the prevention of disease.

Beyond the realm of energy balancing, spiritual healing is ultimately intended to deepen one’s connection with the Divine. 

For those walking a spiritual path, this sacred healing begins to purify the spiritual heart and helps one to discover the secrets contained within.

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