25 Jul 2016

What happens with our world?


This year 2016, 
began with bad climatic what changes in many countries, strong and torrential rain in many cities, tremors.
In addition, news of killings and mistreatment of animals in the world is a big pain to the heart. See how they die because one wants to feel stronger, or because it is money or because they simply were hunted it.

The cutting of trees and destruction of green areas in the world, is a great pain to our ecology. Many do not value and only fill their pockets with money, breaking the ecology of our world.

Mistreatment and racism in the world has grown, not only from white to black but also from black to white. It seeks to hide this feeling producing chaos and a lot of unrest in society.

Death and mistreatment of women, has grown this year, where killing is to get the honor (?). This shows that there is still no equal balance of men to women.

Households of families are losing their respect, there are no more families together in love and respect.
People not respect the invalidity or autistic or dawn childrens, and all this makes me think, what's happening in our world today?

Civilian deaths, increase every day, politics becomes darker in some countries, other candidates will bite each other, bombs here and death there, the streets spilled blood of innocent civilians or any criminal mind.

This year, our world is being heavily hit by all angles, many of us observe mindful that next step, our minds into confusion, our hearts beat stronger and our hands together in a prayer to our God, raising our hearts humble, imploring peace and harmony to our world, which is in great chaos ... the devil is loose, laughs looking hate in the hearts and proud of deaths that produces this hatred.

Let's save our world, do not let hatred dominate our hearts, help those who need not be inhuman front of a disgrace, not accuse without proof, not hate ... our world needs respect and love.

Man must learn to live with the animals and the ecology of our world, selflessly without greed without malice ... let us save our world with peace and love.

celia bailes @ amadriadi

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