29 Aug 2016

Our world now


When the man appeared on the earth, 
all the animals lived first to keep the ecology of the world.

The man was evolving  with ideas and feelings of conflict, 
start to feel avarice, selfishness and jealousy.
 The man start to destroy the forests to building big cities to give him money and power,
made wars for more power, used to free animals such as exposure on zoo, 
mistreat and kill women, children and animals... For what reason? Prove it to be strong men?

 ... Our world is being destroyed by human hands!

We can save our world?
How I help our world? 

Start from our homes where the respect, love, harmony, peace be our values, 
be happy and avoid conflicts, do not be selfish or indifferent to a violent act 

.. we could start to be a light for a better world!

celia bailes @ amadriadi

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