31 Dec 2016

Merry Xmas 2016 & Happy New Year 2017

This year 2016,
 is ending very fast, as well as the lives of many characters, musicians and many tragic events, good and bad. This year we have really seen it all!
It is my desire for this new 2017, bring us joy, peace, equality, respect and that can be made just laws for the defense of animals, environment and ecology. Do not want to reach a bloody world without limits, our modernity run without limits and without barriers. Every day a child raped or murdered just for fun. We see people having fun killing petty animals. The improper hunting and exploitation of animal skins ... is without limits. Organ traffic is now a market where anything can happen. The young run into their lives but without real ways aimless, they end up bored and start doing things that later regret. The world has forgotten to love, to be gentle and to be optimistic. The stress is great in more developed countries (still having everything!). And so many things more that if we put everything analyze ... it is like a short circuit!
Yes, I am in favor of the "Death Penalty" for these miserable ones who are destroying our world and the future of our children live in a balanced and balanced world.

This 2016, 
gave me many good and bad experiences, which I always learn, life is this! We can not go back, we can not advance more than we would wish, but we can do something good every day.
I have been away for some months (for my sick health) to which I am here again full of energy and a lot of optimism to keep going ...
This 2017 is my year to publish my books, to reorganize myself in my craft work and to fulfill some personal goals. I am grateful to our beloved God for the possibility of living, loving and being happy as I am.

Many blessings for each one of you 
and thank you for accompanying me throughout 2016 ... Yes! This 2017 comes with many world and personal expectations, open our heart with optimism to capture the positive energy and start a new year 2017 full of challenges, joys, blessings, adventures, goals, dreams, longings and much harmony!

"This year is Rooster"

Thank you for being there!

celia bailes © amadriadi
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