17 Jan 2017

At the Beginning of 2017

We are at the beginning of 2017!

We are just 17 days from the new year and?
 It could be said that many changes are already observed in our world.

Yes, our world has stopped shining with its own colors,
and we only see red and gray every morning upon waking ... Although there are still some optimists and full of illusions that our world can change for the better.
Nowadays murder, intimidation, corruption, deceit, enjoy the pain of another, deceive with fake gods and cover up behind crosses and organizations ... See the wolf dressed sheep is so easy. Many see this losing their faith, but God is not in men, because he is pure and divine energy, is here the great confusion of many.

When I look from my window to the world,
 it's like watching a new movie every 15 '... because everything changes and everything is over.
Start reading a book, with music around me, but always the sound of ambulances, patrol cars is like saying "do not forget that we are here too."
I see couples embracing in love, old people holding hands with affection, some childrens playing and I can feel cries someone (or maybe is a woman abused or murdered?).
Children walk happily with their parents, others with their faces sad or distressed (will have problems?).
People waiting for the bus, faces in confusion, others glad to see their cell phone and some seem to their minds not to be there.
Nowadays to go on vacation, to dance, to walk at night or just sit in a park to take a breath ... It is not as easy as before, because everything has changed and the shadows of the night have taken life!
I buy a bottle of wine and go home happy, but then I watching that the label is not real.

Even so?
 I do not lose my optimism, faith, strength, my longings and dreams, my desire to live and my great desire for our world to be "something better" this year ... my dreams continue to fight against the nightmares of the day to day.

celia bailes © amadriadi
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