29 Jan 2017

Cruelty in our Society


Cruel: to describe people who hurt others and do not feel sorry about it.

We have started 2017, many of us with dreams, longings and promises to be fulfilled. Some have died and some new ones have been born. New governments, policies, laws, etc ... But? There is one thing that many do not observe and it is "cruelty", if gentlemen! In recent years it has grown enormously as a cancer in our society, where cruelty destroys the soul of the human, making it inhuman against another human or animal or thing. Some play and believe to be strong in being cruel against women or children or animals. Some feel pleasure in murdering homeless animals or beggars. Others hate gays, lesbians, feminists (?) Others hate too much in the heart that killing and destroying is like drinking a glass of water (so easy the attitude!). The sexual has become cruel to rape and murder children, women and animals in the sexual act is the best orgasm (?). Some cruelty win their heart and are the coldest and most calculating traffickers of human flesh, human organs, children. Some use organizations or media to defogate their hatred towards humanity and make chaos. Some make the weakest believe that there is no future and that life is this (?) And etc etc etc. The list is very long to everything that is lived today. I think very few of us reflect on this and perhaps we do not observe the "cruel" behavior of any of our family or friendship or in our community. Honestly this "cruel" attitude of a child or adult is not normal and often the psychologist can not help it, because it happened to his brain.

Can we control cruelty?
I think of you! If we lose optimism we lose everything. We must make homes and families where hatred and cruelty are not natural, teach our children to our community respect for the lives of others (human or animal), create harmony not psychological wars, let live so that they are no longer Frustrated in our world, do not play with the feelings of anyone, be sincere and honest with ourselves, never pressure another, in a nutshell let the world continue to spin their way, take care of our ecology and animals to make our world survive , Respect and love the human, the main thing is to love yourself.

Many have forgotten to smile, to be charitable, to have patience, to respect life.
It is never late, although if this humanity is very confused within a cruelty that is coming to have no limits, many times we walk through the streets but some around look at us as "object of money" (organ sales, trafficking in women, sale of Our flesh). Talk to our children and the community, not silence a reality, if you put a barrier to cruelty.

Celia Bailes © Amadriadi
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