10 Feb 2017


Looking at the current reality now, 
I have reached my own conclusion,
Celia Bailes © Amadriadi
- Many Africans came to different countries (as slaves) and this marked so much in their history for better or for worse, which many of them continue to draw "grudge and pain" until this day, feeling “marginalized” by the color of their skin or being arrogant, imposing (from his important cattle post) to expressing everything that his soul feels and his displeasure towards to the original citizens and country (?) To continue carry this resentment and hatred in the soul, is not a good step to integrate but to disintegrate in its entirety . Racism from whites to blacks or from blacks to whites, none is a solution to make a strong society, it will always be weakened by the continuous weakness of personality and this creates only social chaos. 
- Many Latinos, leaving their real own country, to have progress and a better life in a modern society & country, some have the good life desired with their families and are grateful, but others? They are with rancor in their souls, they are arrogant and want to impose their culture/ideas/original traditions to the modern country (?) forgetting that it’s not their own country of real origin and why feel “marginalized " (?) Growing the hatred and joining to others same mind to cause chaos against the original citizens and against the laws of that modern country to wich receive benefits from the government, free studies and many other things that in their own country of origin don’t obtain, why always find chaos and have the soul hatred towards that modern country? Want to impose and not contribute, is not a good step to be integrated into a new society . It's illogical!
- Many Arabs, leaving their countries of real origin, to seeking peace and progress for them and family, but many have a grudge in their souls, are arrogant and wish to impose their culture/religion/ ideas, wish the laws and society are in favor always of them but? forgetting that is not their own real society and country, why feel "marginalized" (?) need to accept the news laws and the new society, need respect the original citizens for work together this new way for you. If it’s not liking you?, can go to another country to seek harmony without hatred, without making chaos, without confronting ideas and without imposing, but? if you are incapable of integrate or doing this? It’s more better to return back in your own country . 
Many forgotten the real definition of what is "emigrate" - Emigration consists of leaving the place of origin to settle in another state or people, especially for their economic or social causes that are part of the broader concept of migrations Population, which encompass both emigration- But many thinking the definition of "Emigrate, it’s to possess and gain those lands as their own in everything, to can impose their laws /culture / ideas /traditions of their original country, them wishing it at the end to make their own way" but ? you can see the real "integration" (?) 
This year 2017, will begin to "receive Arab and African refugees from countries in conflict and migrants too" (maybe in big influx to Latin American countries), that’s nothing bad, it will be time to learn to live together in harmony with balance in everything, (maybe not will easy for Latin countries who have their own culture/ traditions/ more original citizens/own laws and everything), but? come in the new emigrants, who accept integrate to new society and others who will not accept this and wish to "impose arrogance and arrogance" (also believing that these lands belong to them). Then the Latino begins to understand not only the definition of "emigrate" but also to learn to "coexist with other cultures / ideas" and to "respect", because this is the fundamental principle of the human being (who loses this, can do what Want of the world and of the others).
"Society is like a big chain, who wants to break a link, will destroy the original model" 
I ´m an emigrant too, I leave my country / culture / traditions / laws and family, to go to insert myself into a new modern society to which they respect me and I have my laws (like all my compatriots who live abroad today). I learn a lot from these modern countries and have advanced in my culture, leaving behind the primitive ties to open my arms to a new modern mental and intellectual society. I have learned that being "ungrateful" is not a good step for still walk to look the future, because it will always be in internal conflict never being integrate in the new society. Nobody forces us to Emigrate (we are the ones who decide this) . The immigrant who enters a new country should be accept the new laws / new society / new culture and new ideas, to be emigrant is not to wish to impose to change the customs / ideas / traditions / laws / culture of that modern country ... Then, we are mistaken to say "emigrate", remember we are the only responsible ones to rise, to continue walking with honor and to progress in integration in this new society and country or? Simply, return to your own country to live in your culture / ideas / religion /traditions and laws ... It's very simple! 
The migration existed from many centuries ago, after the wars many people "migrant" to other continents in search of the peace and harmony, these "migrants" collaborated with the new society to construct new cities, organizations that go hand in hand with the Country to emigrate, collaboration with society and the community. The countries remember this so happily, but? the saddest thing is in recent years that migration has been "messed up" with the terrorist image, which many migrant citizens have committed these shameful acts. After? Borders are closed to "legal and non-legal migrants". Many will remain in the middle of the border without being able to open that door to their happiness and progress, because of those who "devalue" the word "migrate" ... 
Make our World a best place to live everyone!
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