28 Feb 2017

Today is a new day


Every morning is the beginning of a new day, to say new means that we leave behind hatred, pessimism, tears and pain. We can not pull our chains of the past for today. This is not easy for many to make decision and willpower, but it is the best way to wake up with a smile on the face and positive energy around you. The morning? It is an uncertain future! Why think about it if you can not make a better one today?
Positive energy does not sell it in business and there is no special recipe to do it. The positive energy we all have (without exception!), It is we who opaque our light by pessimism and bad mood.
The modern world has progressed technologically but the human being has become a robot (metal heart and cold feelings). It is not true that being romantic and human is being stupid. Modern society has put many types of life lines to follow but the only thing that comes to the end is the unhappiness of many and they get to suicide, but why commit suicide? (many wonder!) If you have everything, beauty, home, car and money ... but once again life gives us classes to say that all this is not really happiness, harmony, peace in the soul and emotional balance Many seek in magazines, malls and other people, less themselves.
In the end, we reflect and only realize that we spent time looking for something, that has always been with us.
Many times those little things that seem insignificant can give more harmony than you can imagine!

Learn to appreciate much and little, abundant and nothing, cold and hot, happy and sad, etc ... If you can appreciate every moment you could not feel more a robot, you are a human with many positive values ​​and loaded with A positive energy inside you, with a lot of mistakes but for that is the life to learn and to go ahead, if you stayed in the past by a mistake or a disappointment? Then you're weak to keep walking! And this is where contradictions are born within you to the point of destroying yourself ... and if you reflect? You're drowning in a cup of water!

Live life and be happy today, tomorrow is a new day ...

celia bailes © amadriadi
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