5 Apr 2017

Easter time

I was born in a Latin country, from my ancestors we were raised Catholics, but in my youth I began to think and reflect and decided in search of God.I met many churches, many Christian and non-Christian people, but none of them made my doubts calm.I see more mistakes within churches or congregations than in the same normal society. I do not know if it is that it calls more sin or most areSoul hypocrites. The divine laws and laws that were to be done to gain heaven and eternal life (?) But I see many errors in the children of the ministersOr people close to them. They talk about chastity (?) Where masturbation is accepted! Families who love each other and hold hands every SundayIn the church but in the week each one is in his way. Others seek new friends or some good young lady or young lady to get married. 
 The Churches or Temples or Synagogues so luxurious (and outside the people starves!). 
 Sincerely, none of these I call my soul as a house of God!

When I left my Latin country and I went to Europe, I read and knew more of its history and look for more information of the beginning and how it was created these famous churches that one shouts toThe other is perfect (?) Because America there are many churches and they all derive from the Catholic church that was first organized and created by the Roman Emperor Constantine.But who was Constantine? And what importance was the Roman Empire in Europe? And why did I create this church? And many more doubts were discovered in my search for information.

So? I discovered many things that in our Latin American countries we give little importance because When this existed in Europe in America, there was Mayan, Inca and Indians.
 At this time of Easter, it reminds me of the message of the Mount of Olives of Jesus Christ, to which I sincerely call it the true commandment of life, because it isa message full of positive energy, optimism, hope, faith, love and forgiveness. A message where it does not inspire wars or assassinations or revenge or political power desires.


Today's churches (Christian and non-Christian) are taking their message to another path that is not God's.
If the translation of the ancient papyri are real and the bible was writted by the man who translating every word without omitting or changing anything, as they should show the world for their truthfulness, but many hide truths for their personal benefit. In the time of Jesus Christ existed the political powers, ambition and luxury in the representatives of the synagogues Christian and non-Christian.


For me, God is pure energy, is a whole and is the universe. When we pray, we can connect with this energy that makes us feel at peace and in harmony with ourselves.His son Jesus Christ was sent to "declare his word" but was not received and accepted, the same people mocked Jesus Christ to kill him for just telling the truth inHis words and his message of peace and love. Their spiritual healings and spiritual strength frightened many powerful politicians and people of high religious level, (Because it was a hindrance to his projects of ambition and power). The papyri have been translated by man (but as we know we are translated with the same words and real nouns if no one sees them?), Every church and religious organization shows its bible in its own way (always in favor of themselves!), Others hide the truthBecause the submission and ignorance of the Latin and American peoples is economic power and ambition.Honestly, if the world begins to reflect and analyze, they could create paths of light full of harmony, peace and forgiveness. Ways to be happy is the priority and do no wrongTo others for a better world. This was the message of Jesus Christ and Almighty God, but there are some who wish to put out our light and put their sadness, pessimism,Wars, thirst for revenge, hatred, slaughter, pain and more.Do not quench your light, Jesus Christ died in the time of the Passover to speak the truth and to declare to the world the message of God. Do not stop illuminating your inner light, do not fear that theDivine energy of God is with you and will bless you!


Good Easter to all, it is time for reflection and harmony. Our souls full of energy belong to the universe where God is.
Prayers is the best contact with God the almighty and universe of energy, spiritual healings are carried out with such simple acts, that for many it is difficult.
 Do not turn off your light and do not turn off the light of others, be happy and let others be happy, do a good act is a good karma that returns, keep the joy helps usCombat pessimism, hope is the only thing that can make our dreams real, forgiveness will make our bodies do not carry negative energy, being honest is the bestThat human could do for himself and for others. 

 Do not change the words of the message of Jesus Christ, do not want to interpret it to your personal well-being, listen to it with your soulAnd receive it with your heart!

Happy Easter....

celia bailes © amadriadi
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