7 Apr 2017

The love is impure?

The love is impure?
We are in 2017,
and there are still people waiting for the perfect wife or husband, they feel despised if they marry one "out of their religion", churches and religious organizations impose on marrying one another (but many find love outside of the walls of this church or religion), many remain unmarried to find the chosen, others marry not for love but for the imposition of religion.

How much can these churches and organizations "dominate" the lives and feelings of their congregations?
because to teach them that the world is evil and disgusting (if they also live in the world too!), To be 24 hours inside their churches and to be sociable only among themselves and share everything within this own organization or church, away from the reality of the world ... Why be selfish? Because only give their light between them and not to share it to the world? Why they can't be friends without proclaiming their own religion?


Why them say that expression of love is disgusting and pornographic? 
 Why castrate someone who want to love and be loved?
The love is a great feelings!
No need feel fear to fall in love ...

Love is a pure feeling 
that rejoices hearts and gives light to the soul, Jesus Christ foretold and always says God in his beautiful universe of divine energy.Our world needs love, but sincere love not imposed ... 

Be happy 
you will make others happy too!

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